Burnt Orchid Life Coaching

My Story

 My name is Annette Friar.

 Born in Chatham, raised in The Cotswolds and currently living in North Wiltshire.

Having spent my life in the countryside, I appreciate and value the healing power of nature. I have had many times in my life where watching the wildlife, soaking up the glorious sun and walking through local woods saved me from blackness or despair. Writing has enabled me to express feelings or connect with thoughts and throughout my long journey I have never lost that desire to reach out to people, to share my experience and bring the joy of life back to those who may have lost their way. I have life experience in autism, toxic relationships, domestic abuse, childhood emotional neglect , asexuality and depression which enables me to feel empathy, connect and understand my clients, a priceless gift for a coach. I never take for granted the time I spend with a client, each moment is precious as is the ability to love life, a journey we can take together.

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